fertibella review

fertibella review – Pregnancy test accuracy is one of the most important factors of a pregnancy test. When a woman takes a test, she wants to know that she can rely on the results. One of the biggest factors in pregnancy tests giving an inaccurate result is doing the test improperly or at the wrong time. These are important things to take into consideration, and making sure that you doing the test at the right time and the right way.

fertibella review – When you purchase a pregnancy test, make sure you get one that correlates with the dates you need it to. If you’re testing before your period, you’ll need to get one of the higher sensitivity tests that are made for testing that early, but be aware that there still may not be enough HCG in the urine to show up and you’ll end up having to re-test anyway.

Find a test that has an excellent accuracy rate printed on the box itself. The brand name tests are typically better than generic or no name brands, so take that into consideration as well. It may be in your best interest to spend the few extra dollars to have the trusted brand name in your corner.

Once you choose the test you’re going to use, be sure to read ALL the directions BEFORE you test. Doing this ensures that you know exactly what you will need to do during the test to make sure you’re doing it properly. HCG is the most concentrated and easy to detect first thing in the morning, and gets diluted throughout the day as you drink and use the bathroom, so even if the test states you can test at any time of day, do your best to wait until morning. (And yes, that can be really hard to do when you want to know RIGHT NOW!)

If you test and your results come up negative, then wait a few days and see if your period shows up. If it doesn’t, test again. It’s much more common to get false negatives than false positives, so if your test is positive, you will still need a doctor’s office test to verify, but you can usually rely on those results a bit more than if the test reads negative.

A lot of people skip the home pregnancy tests altogether and just make an appointment with the doctor to find out if they are having a baby. The doctor’s tests are usually more sensitive, and if you get a blood test, you can tell within a couple of days of conception, which can be a relief.

Remembering the above tips about when to test, and reading the directions all the way through before you do anything will ensure the best possible outcome for your pregnancy test accuracy to be something you can really count on.


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